Free online XML to XSD converter

Online XML to XSD Converter, is a free tool to easily convert your XML to XSD, so you can use them in your code as needed. Enter your valid XML file in the below textbox and click "Convert XML to XSD" button.

How does XML to XSD Online Converter works?

Just Enter your XML in the above input textarea, and hit the below button, we will process it on our server to convert it to XSD.

We are first trying to validate your XML before converting it into XSD, so it better to enter valid XML for proper output.

Suppose you have below sample XML

<body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body>

Then output of above XML will be:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-16'?>
<xs:schema attributeFormDefault='unqualified'
  <xs:element name='note'>
        <xs:element name='to'
                    type='xs:string' />
        <xs:element name='from'
                    type='xs:string' />
        <xs:element name='heading'
                    type='xs:string' />
        <xs:element name='body'
                    type='xs:string' />