QR Code Generate Online (Free)

You can enter your text in the below textbox and then it will be converted into QR Code.

You can also enter URL instead of just text in the below textbox to generate URL based QR Code.

What is QR Code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional square barcode which can store encoded data. Most of the time the data is a link to a website (URL).

You can see QR Codes can be seen on flyers, posters, magazines, and so on. You can easily spot these two-dimensional barcodes around you. QR Codes let you interact with the world using your smartphone.

You can read above created QR Code directly using your smartphones and can access it's data using your smartphones.

How does QR Code generator works?

Enter your text or URL in the given textbox and click on button "Generate QR Code", then your QR Code will be generated as an image.
You can also download this QR code image in .jpeg format.

We are using Zxing QR Code generator library to convert text/url into QR Code image. Our QR Code maker is totally free to use and these QR Codes, can be used for Personal or Commercial need for free.