RGB to Hex Converter Online


What does the above RGB to Hex converter does?

The above converter takes value of Red, green and blue in the form and then it's converts those values to a hexadecimal string that can be used to specify color in html/css code.

When you are middle of developing any web-page using a software, usually it represents color in RGB and therefore if you would like to use those colors you would need those color's Hexadecimal values to use it in HTML/CSS code and show output, so using this online tool you can easily convert your RGB values into Hex values.

What is RGB and Hex?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. These are the primary colors of light and they form the rgb color model.
RGB is the process by which colors are rendered onscreen by using combinations of red, green and blue.

A hex color code is a way of specifying colors using hexadecimal values. Designers and developers use HEX colors in web design. A HEX color is expressed as a six-digit combination of numbers and letters defined by its mix of red, green and blue (RGB). Basically, a HEX color code is shorthand for its RGB values